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15x10 6.5 BACKSPACING on on foxbody Ford.

06/07/2006 · As far as making this a sticky, sorry, but no. I can tell you what helps out a lot is not abreviating terms in thread titles 15x10 6.5bs on on foxbody; just type backspacing / back spacing - it won't kill you to hit a few more keys and posts. 09/08/2006 · I saw you are running fox length axles with SN brakes, are you using the North Race Cars brackets on them? I'm picking up a used set of Pro Stars on Friday 15x10 6.5 backspace with MT 275/50's on them and was just curious to the fitment and the angle of the pic. Do you have any rubbing issues, I assume some hammer work on the inner panel?

08/02/2009 · For a 15x10 you need a 6.5 backspace but they will stick out a little and need some more messaging and rolling with a BFH.Good luck everybody i talked to said they were a b1tch to get to not rub, more so on the quarter panel. 01/05/2002 · 15x10 weld on a fox body?? I was woundering what back spacing to use with a 15x10 weld on my 1990 foxbody? I plan to run 325/50/15 BFG Drag radials. I just don't know what back spacing to use. Show Full Signature. Just your Average 8 second Street car. 15x10 w/6.5" BS.

10/06/2015 · There is no question in my mind that they will either stick out just a bit or the tire will be directly under the outer fender opening. 15x10 with a 6.5" backspace is the perfect wheel to stuff the most tire under a fox body with a stock length rearend. Dont gamble on it, i dont think you will be happy. 25/02/2014 · 15x10 wheels with 4.5 bs will not fit a fox body mustang unless stock rear end is narrowed 2" on each side, if you have stock width axle you should run 15x10 with 6.5 bs, for tires you can run 275/60/15 or 28x10.5 15 tires. 02/03/2003 · Anyone with 15x10 w/ 5.5 back spacing??. I have heard that running 10's in the back requires a wheel with 6.5" of backspacing. What has to be done to run a 5.5" b.s.'ed wheel on a fox body? I can find these wheels all day long. and sometimes real cheap. 28/06/2008 · Re: 15x12 wheels backspacing on a fox body? I narrowed 2.5 inches perside and mini tubed and went with 6.5 BS 15x11's bogarts offest lower control arms and 29x12 goodyear slicks it tucks the tire very well and I can add a spacer behind the wheel if I want to if I want a bigger slicks.

11/02/2007 · 15x10 5.5bs on fox body?? Discussion in 'Suspension, Chassis and Tire Tech' started by bad. i know this from trying it a week or so ago hes better off getting 6.5"bs on a 15x10 or 15x8 with a 5.5"bs. turbofreek. Joined: Jul 17, 2005. 91 fox w/ 6.5 bs and a 275 60 15, required minor hammering and stock diff. width for fox ad. jmstekguy. 28/02/2008 · can get a 15x10 with 6.5" backspacing. i have 16x8 wheels with 4.5 backspace and 295-50's and I have about 5/8" between my tires and leaf springs and I'm about 1/4" from tucking. I'm quite sure he has the biggest tire on a stock body blazer with that much drop.-All black 85' std cab short box 16" trans-am gta wheels. 23/03/2011 · Stock width with drums, 15x10 with a 6.5" backspace. 5.5" will stick out a bit. _____ Damon, Local 399 Hollywood Teamster Mini Meatball Racing on facebook - H&H Racing on facebook Special thanks: ULTRA CARBON, STEVIE'S GARAGE,TED'S CARB SHOP, BOWMAN MOTORSPORTS, ORME BROTHERS, BRANDT RACING, HYPERAKTIVE PERFORMANCE. 10/04/2012 · 15X10 w/ 6bs is no good. if you had a skinner tire, a 5.5bs might fit, but in most cases, no more than 5.25" BS. If you have a big tire like me, even a 5.25 doesnt leave enough gap between the sidewall bulge and the leafs. For a big tire 15X10, I recommend 5. At Late Model Restoration we want to make it as easy as possible to select the perfect wheel and tire kit for your Mustang. Listed below are some of our most popular wheel and tire combo's that we researched and determined that are the best fit for your Fox Body Mustang!

07/05/2007 · I'm suprised they rubed on your coil-overs. I'm running coilovers on mine also and no rubbing, but i quess ever kit is differnt too. I see alot of people run coil-overs with a 6.5" 15x10 and if you narrow it 1" each side and have a 5.5 it all adds up the exact same, but that's just my thought, lol. 31/03/2013 · looking for a 4 lug weld draglite setup for fox body.15x3.5 and 15x10 with 6.5 b.s. will take with or without rubber based on price.if you have what im looking for pm me best price. thx! Lightweight Racing Wheel Add some serious race looks to your Fox Body with these Weld Racing Draglite wheels. These wheels. Diameter 15" Width 10" Lugs 4 Offset 25 mm. Backspacing 6.5 in. Bolt Circle 4.25 in. Product. Upload your own picture of the Mustang Weld Racing Draglite Wheel - 15x10" Polished 79-93 Please make sure to hold your.

28/01/2010 · Is anyone running a 15x10 w/ 6" backspacing on a fox w/ stock length axles? I'm wanting to order a set of the Greg Weld wheels and this is the only set up I can find in the 15x10. If it fits can I run a 275/60 or wider tire w/o major issues? The car is not lowered and i'm not running quad shocks. I am not opposed to rolling the fender lip either. Find Wheels with 6.000 in. Backspacing in and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing!

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